Giorgetti Marine
+39 348 5319765 (IT) / +40 749 455632 (RO)

Gregorio and Mentore Giorgetti firstly created this 17 ft long catamaran back in 2010, when in their free time they worked hands on to create a revolutionary hull that would allow for greater stability, safety and speed. As for all new radical projects the start was a bit of a struggle, but none the less the two brothers insisted modifying the first prototype until the hull performance perfectly matched their goals.

Once the hull was finally defined, it was tested in any possible sea condition and with various engine configuration, and it is at this point that the two brothers realized what they achieved. Regardless of the small size, the boat was able to sustain high output engines proving to be more stable than boats twice as long. It is in this particular moment that they both realized what a great race boat this hull could make.

This first little success give them the confidence to further invest in this project. They then decided to make state of the art moulds from 3D design to ensure the most accurate production. The moulds led to a small production of fully customized boats with different layouts to match the client’s requests.

These different layouts gave birth to a wide range of models based on the same hull, such as:

  • The Sport: which is a fully open boat that matches the typical style of venetian boats
  • The Super Sport: a heavy duty high performance version of the Sport model
  • The Corsa: a more aggressive closed deck version that allows for higher output engines
  • The Racer: a model purposely designed for racing application and made of carbon fibre

All the boats are produced with the resin infusion technique and adopt a sandwich structure, these two production choices allowed to guarantee for a light, durable and valuable product of high quality standard.