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Since the very beginning of the design process Gregorio wanted to develop a hull that could be used to produce different boats with different layouts, but this particular layout has always been his favourite. This very boat was Gregorio’s childhood dream; as a kid he used to watch fast sleek powerboats running in the lagoon on sunny sundays, small boats with big engines crushing speed limits and driving faster than the police boats.

So finally he had the chance to produce a boat to match his dreams, the first Corsa Layout was tested with a great variety of engines and to the surprise of the two brothers, the hull’s stability allowed to install engines as powerful as 135 HP. On a boat that weighs around 300 Kg bare hull, this power output is rather exceptional, but what was more exceptional is the fact that once tested the two brothers realised that the stability and ease at which this boat allowed to be driven guaranteed a safe margin to install engines with an even greater output.

At this point both Gregorio and Mentore had a clear vision for the next natural step for this particular layout: make it become a racer.