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In Venice private boats are used with a rather unique frequency, almost every day, and for a wide range of activities. In order to satisfy all the needs of the Venetian users a specific hull with a specific layout has evolved throughout the years to create a boat that can be used to transport goods and people during the week and go fishing and sunbathing on the weekends.

This particular boat is referred as the “Cofano Veneziano”, it is the most versatile boat for the lagoon and requires the smallest maintenance. The lack of any system besides the fuel system and the electric wiring allows for very little care to be taken on the boat.

The original boats have however a considerable drawback: Stability! Unfortunately these boats have very narrow hulls to allow for agility in the canals but this agility has to pay a big price by loosing lateral stability, in fact these boats roll very easily and this leads to uncomfortable operation especially when moving heavy loads or simply getting on board.

Here is where the design of Gregorio Giorgetti comes to make a difference: being a Venetian himself, he knows very well the limits of such boats and he wanted to make a difference by creating a new hull that could keep all the good characteristics of this typical Venetian boat but improving its stability and over all performances.

The solution was quite a Columbus’ egg: make a catamaran with the layout of the “Cofano Veneziano” and the 17 Sport was born: Agile, Stable, Fast and Easy to Maintain. As it was expected the multy-hull configuration improved safety and performance on these boats.