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Derived from the Corsa the racer share a similar development path to that of the Porsche first race car: the Porsche 550. These two racing machines have in common the fact that a touristic, pleasure craft was firstly developed basing its core design elements on: reliability, lightweight structure and a peculiar weight distribution.

This led to a race car easy to drive that wouldn’t physically stress the drivers and that wouldn’t brake as often as the competitors due to the great deal of testing done before on the production car.

Likewise, this 17 ft. boat foresees a similar path. It’s handling allows even non expert drivers to feel confident in extreme conditions. The catamaran hull behaves very much like a car and it doesn’t lean in turns like a traditional mono hull; the soft and smooth landing in between waves makes this boat very friendly; also due to the narrow tunnel the boat has the benefits of the multy-hulls without the drawbacks, unlike other catamaran racers this narrow tunnel doesn’t generate enough aerodynamic lift for the boat to take off. The driving experience shares more similarity with rally cars than with traditional boats.

For the above reasons Gregorio Giorgetti decided to create a promotional racing category for Romania with this very particular boat, allowing an easy and friendly access to an extreme motorsport as Powerboat Racing is.