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This is the favourite boat of Mentore Giorgetti, Gregorio’s brother, who firmly insisted to develop this layout, he was inspired by one of the most rewarding boats that both Gregorio and Mentore ever had. The original boat was a Dalla Pietà with a central console and a single lower bench at the stern.

What made this Dalla Pietà so special was the fact that the steering wheel allowed for the installation of higher output engine and the weight distribution was likewise of the race boats that Dalla pieta was producing at that time, all these design elements give rise to an extremely fun boat to drive that didn’t had to compromise the versatility of an open deck boat, so essential in Venice.

Long story short Mentore insisted to recreate this experience on the catamaran hull designed by Gregorio, and … he was right about it!

The original boat boa was a plywood boat from 1973 with a deep “V” hull design, and it was very smooth and agile but only as a mono hull can be. By creating this layout on a catamaran the two brothers managed to obtain an even smoother and more agile boat, never the less the boats produced by Giorgetti are not made in plywood but with the resin infused fiberglass lamination technique.

The Super Sport is addressed to those who are looking for Big Fun, Great Performance and Practicality.