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To produce a race boat three factors are of paramount relevance: the knowledge of the racing rules, a deep understanding of the principles of high-speed fluid dynamics and highly skilled craftsmanship. The mastery of these three subjects led Gregorio to produce Offshore Class 3C boats such as these.

The racing rules can be studied but it is only with experience that they can truly be appreciated as the rules are a strict guideline but are susceptible of interpretation, the effective interpretation of the racing rules is what leads to the evolution of the racing categories.

For the design of the Class 3C hull. Gregorio deeply studied the principles of aero and hydrodynamics, more specifically the stability of wings in ground effect and the Savitsky’s principles of high speed planning hulls.

By understanding these two particular subjects, Gregorio was able to design a faster and more reactive hull that at the same time guarantees for greater stability.

Without the right craftsmanship, any design for as precise and correct it can be, it will just remain a nice design. Luckily Gregorio managed throughout the years to establish valuable connections with some of the best artisans and entrepreneurs from the powerboating industry, such as Giuseppe Gambarini founder of the Gam.Mo. Stampi, who worked for major brands and is currently the main supplier for the production of fibreglass and carbon fibre for Gregorio’s creations.